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About Us

Our Program...

Madison Travel Baseball is a non-profit, community focused organization dedicated to developing young athletes of strong character through participation in a highly competitive baseball program.  We recognize the important role youth sports can play in shaping the lives of our players as they work together to achieve their goals.  We strive to properly train and motivate our players while creating positive experiences for all who wear our uniform.  

The expectations of hard work and good sportsmanship are hallmarks of our program, and these ideals are further complimented with community based events hosted to instill a sense of town pride and civic duty in all our players.

Travel Baseball - Take Your Game to a Higher Level...

Madison Travel Baseball is dedicated to helping young players learn the game of baseball and reach their full athletic potential on the diamond.  We offer a dynamic approach to baseball training, focusing on all aspects of the game to help establish a solid foundation for our players as they advance from the smallest field to a full size diamond.

In addition to our Tiger Travel, Babe Ruth and Legion teams, we offer off-season training programs, individualized instruction, and skill building summer baseball camps.  By providing a diverse set of learning opportunities, we are able to implement our detailed skill development curriculum to all individuals looking for additional training to improve their game. 

Our History - A Focus On Our Youth...

Madison Baseball was established in 1999 to create an opportunity for our town's youth to continue playing baseball after graduating from Little League.  After successfully offering Babe Ruth and Legion teams for many seasons, our Program reorganized in the summer of 2011 to establish a more unified baseball experience, and to offer a highly competitive Tiger Travel division.

The Madison Travel Baseball Program was designed with our Town's youth in was designed to help our players reach their full potential...and it was designed to promote and build a stronger baseball community in Madison.  This is your hometown Travel Program!

We Strive To:

  • Develop Young Athletes Of Character
  • Provide Venues to Support our Athletes Playing of Baseball through Age 18
  • Prepare our Players for Scholastic Play through participation in our Competitive Travel Programs
  • Organize and Unify Baseball Boosters to support our Madison Baseball Players
  • Work with the Town of Madison to provide premier, Big Diamond Lighted Fields
  • Support Coaches aligned to Madison Baseball’s Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Mission:  To offer a Program for the ongoing development of baseball ability while promoting good character in youth athletes so as to produce successful and responsible adults on and off the field.

Vision:  To build a dedicated Baseball Community within Madison that supports a premiere baseball field in Town, and to train and develop our youth players in an effort to establish Madison as a consistently competitive baseball program at the high school level with the goal of winning a state baseball title. 

Values:  Service to others, integrity, sportsmanship, town pride and mutual respect.